Ice-Pocalypse 2015

Here in Charlotte we were finally hit with our first proper winter storm of the season.  This time last year we’d already had snow and a bunch of snow days for the kids but it has been late coming this year (thank you thank you thank you).  The local media were all a-twitter about the conditions and I can’t say they got it wrong.  We woke up this morning to find everything covered in about an inch of ice.

That's not snow.  That's ice.

That’s not snow. That’s ice.

Yea, we're not going anywhere anytime soon

Yea, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Even the the trees and (sniff) camellia buds are frozen.  It looks like Krispy Kreme has moved in and covered everything with their glaze and I’m not even convinced it is pretty this time.  Blech.

Honestly, I’d never heard of ice storms until I moved down here but I have learned that they are serious stuff.  The roads are impassable (and some of the interstate is actually closed, according to local media) and all the driveways and footpaths are solids sheet of ice.  The whole city grinds to a halt when this happens: schools and businesses close, the Hubster has to work from home, no one can get out of their houses, kids get cabin fever. The big concern comes when the power lines and tree limbs have ice form of them and they break from the heavy load, cutting off the power supply.  It can take days for the power to be restored and with the accompanying cold weather (we are expecting temps of 4*F/-16*C these next few days) it can be truly life threatening.  I don’t go in for all the hysteria the media will whip up but I am a believer in Being Prepared, and I thank my Girl Guide days for that -lol.

So, go ahead and stock up on milk and bread by all means and buy the kids a sled but more than that, think about how you would handle a power outage that could last for days in this climate.   I talked about my Ice-Pocalypse-SnowMageddon-OMG-we’re-trapped-with-no-power-and-we-can’t-get-out strategies here.  Fortunately, I’ve not had to bring out those big guns this storm – but I have a plan.

Don’t forget to take care of any outdoor pets you might have (our chickens are doing well with their big, fluffy, down-filled coats, super sweet coop, and electric water heater to keep their drinking water from freezing) and please check on any elderly neighbours you might have who may not be faring so well.

But on the bright side, it’ll be a hot chocolate drinking, cubby-house building, Netflix watching, strawberry waffle making, get-my-knit-on kinda day.  And that’s not bad at all.

How do you spend the day when you find yourself unexpectedly housebound?  And what do you do with cabin-fevered kids?  All ideas, strategies, encouraging thoughts, and atta-girls are much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Ice-Pocalypse 2015

  1. A couple of years ago, my family spent Christmas in Germany – our white Christmas experience. As we live in Australia, a snowing Christmas was magical yet very quickly we realised that we didn’t have ‘snow knowledge’. White ice, black ice, sheet ice, ice storms, snow storms was all Latin to us – not to mention driving in snow. If I was you, I’d be printing and hanging photos of tropical locations around the house. Maybe a different corner of a room can be dedicated to a different country. Could turn it into a game / activity as a fun way for children to learn about geography.


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