It’s The End of the World … I Mean School Year.

It’s the end of the school year here in America and we are all losing our minds.  Why is it that everything gets crammed into the last two weeks of school?  Final assessments and last minute assignments.  Multiple class parties that need hard-to-find supplies to be sent in on time.  Poetry recitals and Fun Days that need costume preparation and volunteering.  Daily after school swim team practice with late night, school night, meets (wha??).

I know it is a lot of fun but when all the varying facets of our lives decide to ‘have fun’ simultaneously it all becomes rather chaotic and stressful.  And too much.  The regular ebb and flow of our routine is lost and anarchy follows.  There are more tears than usual.  More drama.  More drive-thru-dinners.  Mamas with school aged children, tell me I’m not alone!  It’s madness, right?

But I finally hit a new low last night.  My better half is out of town which means that I’m flying solo.  Cub scouts is usually his domain but yesterday it, along with everything else, was mine.  Our domestic cubby was getting ready for his meeting and came to me just minutes before we had to leave with a badge that had fallen off.  Last night was their big Moving-Up-To-The-Next-Cubby-Level night so a presentable uniform was key.  And his had a badge that was missing.

There was no time to sew and the fabri-tack wasn’t cutting it so I **stapled it back on to his shirt and called it done**.  I present my shame here:

Evidence that Mama has reached her limit.

Evidence that Mama has reached her limit.

Looks ok from a distance.

Looks ok from a distance, right?

There is a popular blog post going around called the Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.  Definitely worth a read and it is with only moderate amounts of shame that I can admit that I.Am.That.Mom.  But let’s face it.  We all are at this time of the year, right?  Just limping, limping by until summer holidays come to save us.

But that’s when the real work starts when I stare down the barrel of 10 long weeks (10 weeks!!  More madness!) of Cruise Director-ship.  In a desperate attempt to be proactive I have already installed structure and rules around how much reading, outside activity, and chores must be completed before any glowing rectangular devices can be turned on.  Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Just dialing it in.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “It’s The End of the World … I Mean School Year.

  1. My dear friend, you are preaching to the choir! Traveling husbands are a challenge to be sure. I’m actually really impressed by your stapling. I’m not sure I would’ve thought of it amidst all my screaming at everyone to GET IN THE CAR ALREADY! Of course, in my mind it was more like GET IN THE &@$# CAR (insert colorful word of choice there).

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  2. Hang in there girl. Did it take you long to adjust to the ‘end of school year’ being half way through the year? That alone would do my head in. Thankyou for your honesty. Your kids are very lucky to have a Mum who openly and honestly admit she is not perfect and can’t do everything – yet gets on with it, doing her best.

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